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Recent Grant Recipients

Beyond Toxics Coalition
Project: Web-based video regarding aerial herbicide use in salmon habitat within the Siuslaw Basin, Oregon.
Grant amount: $5,000.00

Block Island Conservancy
Project: Outreach and design Materials for Conservation of Block Island
Grant amount: $10,000.00

Coral Bay Community Council
Project: Advertising campaign to increase awareness of degradation to Coral Bay (St.John, US Virgin Islands) and encourage residents to help keep local bays clean.
Grant amount: $4,498.00

Earth Island Institute
Project: Raptors are the Solution ("RATS")
Grant amount: $10,000.00

Eyak Preservation Council
Project: The Bering River Coalition: Keep it in the Ground.
Grant amount: $9,550.00


Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE)
Project: The Natural Forest Video Project
Grant amount: $7,500.00


Lobo Coalition
Project: Hearts into Action to Save the Lobo
Grant amount: $5,000.00

Lobo Coalition
Project: Media campaign to keep the Mexican gray wolves in the wild and support the issuing of an updated Recovery Plan.
Grant amount: $5,000.00


Mountain Studies Institute
Project: San Juan Moving Mountains Campaign, Southwest Colorado
Grant amount: $7,500.00


RESTORE: The North Woods
Project: Design and publication of a brochure and map describing the Maine Woods National Park and Preserve Campaign
Grant amount: $5,500.00

Society for Ecological Restoration
Project: Publication of a Primer to increase understanding of the role of ecological restoration in a changing world.
Grant amount: $3,300.00


Somerset County Soil & Water Conservation District
Project: Advertising campaign to raise awareness about lead poisoning of loons and other water and predatory birds in Maine.
Grant amount: $6,125.00

Wildlands CPR
Project: Tapping into Clean Water from Our National Forests: maps of forest areas that provide water resources.
Grant amount: $12,000.00



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